No matter the class or conditions in which you will use your motorcycle, scooter, ATV or any other vehicle that demands this type of battery, CIAK STARTER MOTO AGM is the best choice. Nothing presents a problem for this battery with AGM (Absorbent glass Mat) technology to deliver maximum power and energy at any moment. AGM technology that absorbs liquid electrolyte in special glass mat, enables frequent discharge and use in extreme conditions because of this perfect electrolyte arrangement on the whole cell surface, maximum power is continuously delivered and it does not require any maintenance. CIAK STARTER MOTO AGM battery is characterized with cyclic stability, exceptional vibration resistance and complete security so that no electrolyte leakage and eventual expensive damage on electrics or electronics, located near energy source on most such vehicles, will occur. Long rides with increased number of consumers – serially or not serially built in the vehicle, riding conditions – high or low temperatures, atmospheric conditions – rain, sun or snow, extreme bumps or just comfortable cruising, all that is a natural environment for CIAK STARTER MOTO AGM batteries.

It is recommended to use protective gloves during battery formation for additional protection.


Prepare the battery
Remove protective foil (it is not necessary to keep it – pay attention to dispose it according to eco standards).

Prepare electrolyte containers
Take out electrolyte containers from plastic wrapping. Remove the lid from the containers and do not pierce protective foil.

Charge battery with electrolyte
Put electrolyte containers vertically above each opening – six sealed openings of each container right above six openings (holes) on the battery lid. Firmly press containers into the openings in order to pierce the seals and the acid will immediately start dripping into each battery cell.

Electrolyte dripping
Do not move containers during battery charge because that can cause leaking outside the battery case. Electrolyte is a very poisonous and aggressive acid that can cause injuries. Complete quantity of electrolyte has to come out of each container. Battery will only in that case be correctly formed and ready to use.

Remove containers
After all electrolyte has poured into the battery, check that all containers are completely empty, if any liquid remained it will pour out if you gently tap the top of the container. After you make sure that all electrolyte has poured out, you can remove the container set.

Close the battery
Each AGM battery comes with associated cap strip and you can exclusively use original strip because any spare strip could cause damage on the battery. It is recommended to wait at least 20 minutes before battery application and installation so that all electrolyte could be absorbed and the battery could be appropriately formed.