CIAK STARTER with its CIAK STARTER line, the company C.I.A.K. has been the innovative leader in the battery offer for 20 years. We are the leaders in introducing on the market batteries that do not require any additional and subsequent maintenance after installation on your vehicle. Then the pioneer of the technology, today this is the part of the standard offer of the most serious battery manufacturers. It was then that the company C.I.A.K., with its visionary view on the future, brought innovative technology to their vehicles with the perfect value for money.
CIAK STARTER, in all battery models for personal vehicles programme, is made completely with the technology that does not require any maintenance after installation on the vehicle (Maintenance Free). Besides, all CIAK STARTER batteries satisfy 99% of manufactured vehicles in the world, with their capacity, starting power delivery, as well as with dimensions. That is why the label on every CIAK STARTER battery – MATCHING O.E. QUALITY (identical to the originally installed) really lives up to its words.

The most innovative part of any CIAK STARTER battery. It is specially designed for the prefect electricity flow thus enabling low resistance and top conductivity. The technology that enables CIAK STARTER battery with the faster charging and easier energy reception in extreme use. In the moments of the biggest demand for starting your vehicle, CIAK STARTER has the highest values of cold start electricity regardless of the capacity. The grid installed in every CIAK STARTER battery is 66% firmer than any battery from the competition and is more corrosion resistant. Many batteries on the market are still manufactured with the outdated technology of grid production which can cause earlier damage or not optimal energy source at any moment of use. CIAK STARTER uses grid technology that, at any time of use, without impact on external conditions or timeline it is used at, always provides the maximum and same product specifications.

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