CIAK TRACTION batteries offer the complete range for all types of applications. Within CIAK TRACTION brand we offer all types of DIN and BS cells, integrated in a metal-plastified containers as well as hard-plastic containers that resist exploatation conditions for years.

We also offer spare parts that needs to be replaced over a period of time. The most common areas of use are: electric forklifts, electric storage vehicles, high platforms, cleaning machines, ships and vessels, uninterruptible power supplies and emergency lighting systems. CIAK traction batteries are made exclusively from cells by proven manufacturers and the batteries themselves are assembled by a team of highly professional people.

The CIAK traction batteries department has its own service that can make repairs, replacements and defects of all types of traction batteries. Checking the capacity of batteries, changing the connecting elements as well as consulting on the choice is the daily routine of the CIAK team of industrial batteries. End user outages and repairs are one of the most common services used increasingly.

Batteries designed for deep discharge and for extremely high discharge currents. They are used in electric forklifts, lifting platforms, cleaning machines, solar systems, boats and all other devices that use batteries as the primary drive. They consist of 2V tubular cells that are arranged in metal and plastic housings and connected in series with voltages of 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 80V, 96V.

batteries in 6V and 12V blocks designed for deep discharge and high discharge currents  come in liquid electrolyte, AGM, and GEL versions. They are used in forklifts, lifting platforms, cleaning machines, solar systems and all other applications that use batteries as the primary drive.

CIAK INDUSTRIAL – liquid electrolyte
Positive plate batteries based on a tubular technology which allows a very large number of repeated deep discharge cycling – as many as 1200 cycles at 80% discharge. CIAK INDUSTRIAL batteries with liquid electrolyte should be checked at least once a month for electrolyte level and topped up with distilled water if necessary.


Maintenance-free batteries with gel in the battery structure itself. Such a design gives the battery outstanding cyclic properties, the best compared to all technologies. CIAK INDUSTRIAL GEL batteries are the first choice for applications where the number of charge and discharge cycles is extremely important.
With CIAK INDUSTRIAL GEL batteries there is no possibility of electrolyte leakage even in cases where the leakage in standard batteries would damage the housing. Maximum safe use in applications where batteries often need to be placed in insufficiently ventilated areas (boat and camper cabins). CIAK INDUSTRIAL GEL batteries can be installed in literally any position (except upside down) without any danger. The robust battery construction provides safety in handling as well as in use. They are suitable for all highly demanding applications from cleaning machines, high platforms, boats, campers.