CIAK ATLANTIS is a dual purpose battery that is based on a combination of both proven and newer technologies which enable the battery to cover all aspects of a modern and necessary power requirements. Whether you are sailing, camping or just starting your boat, CIAK ATLANTIS ensures maximum delivery of cycles or cold cranking amps.
CIAK ATLANTIS batteries are manufactured for applications where a single battery is used for starting and supplying the entire electrical system.
CIAK ATLANTIS is available in flooded version Рeither with maintenance or MF (maintenance-free), and in AGM version (Absorbed Glass Mat), covering the entire capacity requirements, regardless of the technology. It is an ideal choice for seasonal usage in boats, sail boats, motor boats and camper vehicles, where we recommend the CIAK ATLANTIS AGM range. With the upcoming expansion of the MF version, CIAK ATLANTIS will be covering all your needs from 75Ah up to 239Ah also in MF technology.