Everyday extreme use of vehicles with Start-Stop technology is a big challenge and sets a high bar of necessary durability for the battery. CIAK STARTER AGM (START-STOP) is the answer to the necessary specifications set by manufacturers of vehicles with this technology. CIAK STARTER AGM START-STOP enables multiple vehicle ignitions in a short period, without any significant loss of strength or capacity. START-STOP system is primarily installed in every better vehicle with the purpose of reducing gas consumption, as well as for reducing emission of harmful particles into the atmosphere. That way the battery, as well as all electric installations necessary for normal vehicle performance are maximally burdened. Battery supplies the vehicle, and vehicle which is equipped with the START-STOP system, besides the fact that it has to endure frequent ignitions, on average up to 4 times in one kilometre, also has to be easily reusable (chargeable), both from the classic system (alternator) and from the regenerative braking system. CIAK STARTER AGM START-STOP battery with its AGM (Absorbent Glass Matt) technology is at the top of the world class of batteries and is unique because it is manufactured from 90% of materials obtained from C.I.A.K. Recycling Centre for lead and plastic. AGM technology, because of its perfect combination of lead boards and electrolyte (battery acid) through absorbent material spread on the whole surface of the lead board, that way uses maximum capacities of energy and also prevents the possibility of acid delayering and corrosion emergence (sulfation). With AGM technology all classic negativities of standard batteries are prevented and with all this advancement CIAK STARTER AGM START-STOP battery has all the necessary performances that, in its class, make it significantly more durable and of better quality. If you are travelling on short distances and have frequent startstop situations, use various additional electronic gadgets such as navigation, mobile phone charging, laptops, tablets or additional air conditioners, CIAK Starter AGM START-STOP battery is the ideal choice for you. For vehicles with START-STOP function, the battery with the features that CIAK STARTER AGM START-STOP offers is necessary. Wrong choice of battery damages the performance of START-STOP function and can significantly reduce the life cycle of the standard battery. Tests have shown that standard battery loses between 8% and 16% of available capacity after one week of use in a vehicle with the START-STOP function. CIAK STARTER AGM START-STOP battery comes from assembly lines where 80% of batteries with START-STOP function installed in the first installation are manufactured.

AGM technology has several advantages in comparison to the standard battery and these are:

  • For vehicles with Start-Stop system
  • Special technical design for extremely high charging requirements
  • Five times bigger cyclical capability in relation to the standard battery
  • Maintenance Free
  • Without liquid electrolyte (so-called dry batteries)
  • Exceptional in use on classic police, firefighting, ambulance, army vehicles
  • Covers all needs of luxury cars with the increased number of consumers
  • Especially good for high performance hybrid vehicles