akumulatorBattery Inspection

Prior to the first motorcycle ignition or battery charge it is necessary to perform several simple inspections for:
1. Visible electrode, connector or cable damages.
2. Visible corrosion or case cracks.
3. Color change on the case or visible deformations due to overcharge.
4. In CIAK STARTER MOTO models requiring maintenance check the level of electrolyte and, if necessary, add distilled water.

The best way to examine battery state of charge is with a reliable tester that measures voltage, capacity state and starting power – it is recommended to use CIAK 8000 tester with thermal printing.
If you use classic voltmeter, you can read battery state regarding measured voltage from the table.


CIAK STARTER MOTO and CIAK STARTER LAWN TRACTOR batteries should be regularly maintained:
1. Periodical acid level inspection, if necessary add distilled water and strictly adhere to the min and max markers that can be found on the sticker.
2. Maintaining battery and electrode cleanliness in order to prevent self-discharge.
3. Check all cables and connecters to see if they lost contact or are damaged.
4. State of charge.


The most common cause of battery damage is wrong warehousing (nonuse period of a vehicle that uses a battery), i.e. the release of sulfate salts that cause corrosion and permanent damages on lead net. It is very important to properly store the battery so that it is always ready to use and in order to prolong its life cycle.

1. Charge battery before warehousing (before vehicle standstill).

2. Separate negative electrode from the vehicle.

3. In case of battery removal from the vehicle, store the battery in a clean and dry place.

4. During battery standstill period check state of charge once a month and, if necessary, recharge it (use the table).

Use of charger of verified quality, the advantage is the use of a charger with automatic charging choice which also automatically stops after reaching maximum state of charge in order to avoid permanent battery damage.


For maximum battery use it is necessary to charge it. Recommended charging current is 10% of the rated capacity in amps.
Example: It is best to charge 12Ah battery with 1,2A charging current.